Discover the Eye-Opening
Web Series Filmmaking Secrets The "Experts" Don't Ever Reveal!

You see, I'm just like you.

I’m a young independent filmmaker who made a web series.
And my book is based on my personal life experiences of what it REALLY takes to create a film project and web series from a “beginner's” perspective.
In other words, I’m revealing ALL the mistakes I learned the hard way…
So you don't have to!
Listen: I thought I knew what I was doing when I embarked on my web series, “IR Retreat.” But even the advice I got from my “film school” friends didn’t prepare me for what it REALLY takes to accomplish a real filmmaking project and get it in the can. 
             So, as a service to my fellow “newbie” filmmakers, I decided to write down everything I learned in the process of making a successful series. 
Thus, the book. 
So many times I was asked by fans and followers how I created my web series. Well, this book will teach you exactly what I did so you can take an idea you love and share it online for the world to see. 
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This book is full of all the KEY secrets that make-or-break a project, such as…

Where to find collaborators
Script creation techniques
Budget guidelines
Hiring your crew
Getting sponsorship
Scouting locations

"This is a must have for anyone looking to set out on the journey of creating their own web series. Thank You for opening my eyes to so much more than I ever expected. Excellent Read!!!”

Dean Osmon - Owner, Maijah Lewk Talent

"This ebook is absolutely fantastic. There was so much information here that I would have never have thought of. Great quality ebook...explanations were phenomenal all while being straight to the point."

Joe C.,

"You are going to get a complete journey in this guide, from your first draft, through to hiring crew. There's  idiot-proof tips & checklists too, to help through the bigger stuff. the advice is mostly hard-learned stuff, that you don't know until you hit it. Experience is the best teacher - first the test, then the lesson. It's not just broad advice, either. You will get technical advice here in spades with details on color correction and audio management.  

Mark Bryne

"First, allow me to state that I am a lifelong member of SAG-AFTRA  and have been involved in many different types of projects of this nature, from both sides of the camera. Truth be told, I found myself wishing I had something like this guide to influence many of the projects I had been involved with in the past.  The guide covers all the technical requirements and business aspects of developing a video series project. It also covers in great detail the human interactions and the roadblocks they can present. She is etremely positive in the way that it suggest you approach various obstacles and offers common-sense solutions for the easiest way to overcome them. This is no small feat for these types of projects.


Hints & Tips

This book introduces you to helpful hints as to what to expect during the process, discusses unexpected costs, how to gain additional funds and even find sponsors.

A Book Based On Facts

This book is based on my personal life experiences of what it really takes to create a film project and web series from a beginner's perspective. I've identified my mistakes so you don't have too!

A Word From The Author

“I loved writing this ebook and most recently, recording the audiobook for you. It's packed full of all the secrets that my film friends didn’t tell me – which is exactly what you’ll learn through my storytelling journey.”